Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Discover a Range of Fishing Holiday Log Cabins in Lincolnshire

Superb Log Cabin Accommodation in Lincolnshire
Superb Log Cabin Accommodation in Lincolnshire
With beautiful countryside and a wide variety of water based pursuits there are few locations that can boast such a range of locations to fish. For those on a Lincolnshire holiday there are some fantastic opportunities for some offshore fishing as well as from the beaches. What is more suited to an enthusiastic angler than to have a holiday log cabin with a fishing lake on the front doorstep and a place to sit all day long with a fishing rod and line. 

Throughout the countryside are several excellent rivers and lakes, as well as the Fenland which can be fished and the seaside fishing boats for a day out. With this along with a quantity of other exciting areas to visit and a wide variety of activities Lincolnshire is worth considering when booking a vacation.

For visitors looking for some smoothhound angling there are a number of places to choose from in the region. To make the best out of Lincolnshire getaways a visit to Fossdyke Canal which runs through some stunning countryside is worth thinking about. Linking the River Trent to the Witham this is a superb spot for fishing roach and even pike. The beach itself inclines and there are gullies in the sand which, when covered at high tide are the prime fishing locations for the smoothhounds. 

Excellent Activities and Fishing Locations
Try a Range of Excellent Activities
Crab bait is only one recommendation to attract these fish as they swim close to the holes and falls within the sand and catching a smoothhound here should be a highlight of a vacation in Lincolnshire. Booking a hotel or guest house near Skegness is a possibility or trying one of the many holiday lodges and holiday parks in the region which represent great value.

Even on the seaside there are several fantastic fishing lakes for coarse angling including at Mablethorpe. Fishing here is at it's best for three hours following high tide and if there's one around 6am that is peak time for the smoothhounds to be around. This region isn't just known for this kind of fish because there have been rays and whiting seen and caught on the coast. 

Some of the fishing is carried out from day boat hire from small ports which is another possibility for vacations in the region. For a few people, having a mix of angling and non fishing activities is very important especially when this is an element of a family getaway.

The Boston Fens are ideal for fishing holidays in Lincolnshire and have a quantity of locations where bream, roach, perch and carp can be located. Some of the waterways require an angling club membership however there are many others where angling permits are adequate. The bird life in the Fens is another good reason for going to the area and it's especially known for the waders and also some migratory varieties from the continent. With historic towns, fine beaches as well as a warm welcome from local people it is a beautiful destination to consider for a short escape or weekend away.

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